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    Ideal for those who would like to earn something extra, even from the comfort of their homes; without extra expenses, according to their abilities.

    In order to strengthen our commercial network, we are looking for people who are eager and enthusiastic to help My Inglo in the promotion and sale of our English courses, language trips, study holidays and internships in Malta, Ireland and England. Our affiliate program is designed for all those who would like to supplement their salary or earn an amount of money in line with their skills and goals. There are no minimum requirements or experience needed; only good will, motivation, good interpersonal skills, communication and organizational skills and good knowledge of social networks!


    Ideal for all tour operators who would like to keep up with their competitors, increase their destinations and their customers.
    Malta, London and Dublin have always been the ideal destinations for learning English as well as full of job opportunities. For a travel agency to enrich its services, having the opportunity to respond to an increasingly growing demand for language packages, ASL, PCTO, European projects, study holidays and work placements, it would be ideal and more advantageous to expand your offers and customer portfolio.

    Ideal for those who would like assistance and services in the implementation of youth mobility projects.

    In recent years, the demand for young and old to enrich their personal or professional experience or improve their language skills by participating in European exchange programs, volunteering or internships abroadhas increased. We collaborate and provide assistance and servicesto all associations, institutions and universities that deal with international and national youth mobility, volunteering, educational activities related to learning foreign languages, cultural exchanges and activities related to training and work. We offer assistance for the implementation of projects involving periods of stays in Malta, Ireland and UK regarding European and extra-European PON or exchange programs.

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